52 Days and Counting ... The End is Near

Star Lorde (Sphynx Cat)

The time is near and we are now approaching our due date. We are so excited we can hardly stand it. Here is some stages of a momma cat.

Once Pregnant she will carry her litter for approx. nine weeks before giving birth. Litters usually range from 3 to 5 kittens. So far Star Lordes favorite number is 3.She will begin to show signs in her appearance and behavior. Usually beginning with swollen or pink nipples (Like little Cherries), this is usually at 2 weeks of Gestation. During the 4th week her abdomen expands with the developing kittens; she gains more weight as appetite greatly increases. Another lovely perk Morning Sickness. With Star she usually shows signs of morning sickness anywhere between 2-3 weeks of her pregnancy [Not all experience morning sickness but Star always does]. Most cats show overt signs of affection to both you and other animals in the home. Star Lorde is always overtly affectionate to everyone so I would not now if this is one of her signs.

You can feel the developing fetuses in your cat's abdomen about 30 to 45 days into the pregnancy. Depending on litter size. At this point it is vital not to poke and prod, if you are patient, much like a pregnant woman you can lay your hand on her belly and they will eventually kick your hand.

Gestation period lasts between 58 to 68 days, the average being 63 days. Around the 58th day some start checking their cat's temperature with a rectal thermometer twice daily. Normal cats range between 100.5 and 102 degrees. When the temperature drops about two degrees, labor will usually start within 24 hours. I don’t believe in this method, simply because it causes discomfort, and if not done properly can cause complications and or induce early labor.

If you have a close bond with your cat you will know when she is going to have her kittens. Your cat may also stop eating 24 hours prior to the birth, I personally never put my eggs in this basket because my little piggy was eating clear up to delivery on all occasions.

We are Stoked !! 52 Days and counting, we will keep everyone posted at the following over the next week or and a half :)…




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