A Peek in Mufasa's Preferred Man Cave

Mufasa is the complete opposite of Miss Star Lorde , he prefers his man cave bed after wreaking havoc and playing like a wild lion. Rawr. When he is ready to snuggle or sleep on you he grabs my moms hand and suckles her skin between her thumb and finger or her arm skin like a kitten nursing its mom.

I will have to post a video sometime of him doing this when I visit my mom and Mufasa this week. He just relaxes and nurses himself to sleep. It drives my mom crazy, but he loves it and that's all that matters.

She is still working on having him transfer his suckling to a blanket instead since he will leave a hicky he sucks so hard sometimes. it is unusual since he was not sent to my mom till 12 weeks old, but that doesn't mean the breeder didn't take him away from his mother before then. after some research it seems to be a trend with a lot of sphynx cats and some never grow out of it. The owner simply encourages them to nurse a toy or blanket instead or try the water bottle technique to associate it with bad behavior.

My personal opinion is if its not hurting the cat and you are able to turn their sucking to a blanket or toy, if this is how your cat prefers to comfort themselves or show affection or happiness why not? He is definitely spoiled and happy with a million kitty toys, scratching post, his own cat bed and blankets and a million sweaters .lol. I think he has more clothes than my mother does.

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