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Strange Sphynx and Elfs

GREAT NEWS, we have two family households now! One located in ORLANDO, FL. area and One located in MOLINE, IL. area. It is the Strange Sphynx and Elf's goal to create the purrfect Kitten for you and your family. We have raised the wonderful hairless breed for over 6 Years of Sphynx, Elf's, Bambino, and Dwelf’s, all of which have stolen our hearts. They are the most incredible animal you could have as a pet! They are the most loving and affectionate cat that you could own. They want to be with you every minute, and in your lap for snuggles! They are a dog, cat and monkey all in one! MUCH like a child don't expect privacy. Lol. They will be with you from bathroom to bedroom.

 Our cats and kittens are well socialized, healthy, beautiful and very sweet, just waiting to join your family, and steal all the love and affection you can give them.

 Not sure which Breed is right for you? Head over to our Breed Section and we can hopefully help you pick the purrfect breed for you. They are all wonderful pets and highly addictive, you may just end up with one of each!

Sphynx Meme
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